Purrfick-4-Paws Dog, Cat and Small Animal Services for Bannerbrook Park

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By specialising on providing services for dogs, cats and small animals in a relatively small geographic area I believe I can provide more responsive and cost effective services to my clients.

A brief description of the services I offer follows below. Full service descriptions may be found in the following section

Initial Home Visit

Before you make your first booking I will visit you in your home to introduce myself, answer any questions you might have, take some basic information from you and, importantly, to meet and greet your pet(s).

The purpose of this free, no obligation consultation is for you to confirm that you are happy to trust me with your pet(s) and for me to find out the important things about your pet(s) that will let us both decide exactly which of the services I provide would be most appropriate for you.

Dog Walking

I walk dogs individually, or in pairs from the same house. In this way I can ensure that your dog gets the one-to-one attention it deserves and that it gets the type and level of exercise it needs in a safe and environmentally aware manner.

Each session is either 30 minutes or 60 minutes in length and two sessions can be booked for the same day (morning & evening).

Pop In Services

Lunch Time Pop In Service for Dogs

My LUNCH TIME POP IN SERVICE FOR DOGS is designed to give your dog a break, some exercise and some fuss at lunchtime. Each visit is of 15 minutes duration,

Time Pop In service for Puppies & Kittens

My POP IN SERVICE FOR CATS comprises two visits per day, one in the morning and again in the evening, every day of your absence from home.

60 minute or 30 minute duration options are provided - the amount of time chosen being determined by the number of cats you have and by how much fuss you want your furry friends to have whilst you are not home to give it them yourself.

Pop In Service for Small (caged) Animals

My POP IN SERVICE FOR SMALL (caged) ANIMALS comprises one visit per day, every day of your absence from home.

You can choose a visit of 60 minutes or 30 minutes, the visit duration being determined by how many small (caged) animals you have and how much fuss you want them to have whilst you are not home to fuss them yourself.

Sitting In Services

Sitting In Service for Dogs, Cats & Small Animals

My SITTING IN SERVICE FOR DOGS, CATS & SMALL ANIMALS is a local, responsive service for Bannerbrook Pet Owners who need to be away from home for a short time. Whilst you are away I´ll stay in your house overnight with your dog(s), cat(s) and small animals and I´ll also visit them several times during the day.

Other Services

Vet Visit Service

My VET VISIT SERVICE is intended to ensure that your pet(s) does not miss an important appointment with the vet or grooming parlour because you are unavailable at the required time. This service is also able to deal with sudden illness or accident to your pet.

Puppy & Dog Training Service

Key Holding Service


Emergency Pet Visiting Service

Lost Key Let In Service

Small Grocery Shop